7. Fushimi Inari|Kojinmine

Tanakasya (田中社神蹟) Kojinmine (荒神峰)

From yotuji intersection you go up the stairs on the left lead you to Takanasya Kojinmine. You will see the Otsuka at Tanakasya Shinseki. If you go through Otsuka meeting various shrines and exit from other side, you will find the lookout.

Tanakasya Shinseki

Tanakasya Shinseki is the one of the Seven Shinseki of Fushimi Inari Shrine at Kojin-mine.

Kojin-Mine lookout

Thought the Tanakasya Shinseki(田中社神蹟), you walk further into mountain, then you come to this lookout. If it is fine day you can see the Osaka city on the west-south direction.


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