Nara-machi & Gango-ji

Naramachi is an area centered around the former precincts of Gankoji Temple, which is a World Heritage Site. It is a town with a long history, during the Nara period 8th century, which is the outside town of Heijyokyo capital city. Today, it is a town with atmosphere that has the image of a townhouse from the end of the Edo period to the Meiji era.

Naramachi Westside of Gango-ji ②

Further south area of west side of Gango-ji Yoshida Kacho – mosquito nets…

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Futoden (Tombstones) & Foot Print
Gango-ji Temple ②
Gango-ji Temple Futo refers to Buddha, “den” refers to Rice field Buddhist images and…
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Naramachi Goryo Jinja Torii Gate
Naramachi Goryo Shrine
Naramachi Goryo Shrine: God of national security, prosperity of family business Goryo Belief, The…
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Gango-ji Temple World Heritage Stone Monument
Gango-ji Temple
Gango-ji Temple, In the heart of Naramachi is Gangoji Temple, Japan’s oldest Buddhist temple, East…
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Nara Speciality Sweet Shop "Baked Sweet Potato, Kasuga-an"
Naramachi Westside of Gango-ji temple
Naramachi, The Street at Westside of Gango-ji temple, Machiya-styled Houses, Shops are along the street,…
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You can see the old Machiya style merchant house, which is opened to public for…
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Naramachi Museum (Shiryokan)
Naramachi Museum
Naramachi Museum The sites where original Gangoji Temple was built. Shomen-Kongo known as Koshin-san…
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Naramachi Karakuri Toy Museum & Chintakureifu Shrine
Japanese classic Machiya style house. It is free admission, and Kids and Adults can enjoy…
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Konishi Sakura Street (South) Kintetsu Nara Station West Exit
Kintetsu Nara Station
Kintetsu Nara Station, West exit, You find the The Monk “Gyoki”, Water fountain, and…
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Mochiidono Center Gai
Mochiidono Center Gai (もちいどのセンター街)
Mochiidono Center shopping street (もちいどのセンター街) Mochiidono Benzaiten Shrine (餅飯殿辨財天社)
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Gangoji-machi, Koushi-no-Ie
Gangoji-machi, Koushi-no-Ie (元興寺町 格子の家)
Gankoji-machi(元興寺町) Naramachi Koshi-no-Ie |Lattice House (格子の家) This is an accurate replica of a traditional…
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Ochanoko - Tea and Ice Crusher shop
Konishi Sakura Shopping Street
Konishi Sakura Shopping Street (小西さくら通り商店街)street that runs north to south, connects the west exit of…
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Naramachi Sanjo Street
Naramachi| Sanjo dori (三条通)
Sanjo dori(三条通) Nakatani-do (中谷堂) Many Souvenir Shops (お土産屋) Tajikarao Shrine (手刀雄神社)
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Imamikado Shopping street
Imamikado Shopping street (今御門商店街)
Imamikado Shopping Street (今御門商店街),Kakinoha-Sushi Hiraso (柿の葉寿司 平宗),Sarutahiko Shrine, Dosojin (猿田彦神社・道祖神),Sumiyoshi Shrine (住吉神社),Hachioji, Yonomuro Shrine (八王子・四之室神社)
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In the heart of Naramachi is Gangoji Temple, Japan’s oldest Buddhist temple, first built in Asuka but relocated here around 718 AD. Fires during the 15th and 19th centuries destroyed many of the original structures and the need for more residential space gradually diminished the temple’s influence and size.

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