Naramachi Westside of Gango-ji temple

The street at the west side of Gangoji temple, from Nigiwai-no-ie to Naramachi Odori.

Next to NIGIWAI-NO-IE, there are two Machiya-style shops, “Manpu” and “Sword Shop Toen”.

Manpu – Handicraft cloth and clothing

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Naramachi Sword shop Toen

Naramachi Sword shop Toen 杜園
Naramachi Sword shop Toen ならまち刀剣ショップ杜園

Naramachi Sword shop “Toen”, is a small shop that can accommodate about 10 people, but it has gorgeous armor and Japanese swords on display, and souvenirs are lined up which are likely to please foreign visiters.

Paper knives and scissors in the shape of Japanese swords, and Shurikens (Throwing Star) for 500 yen, etc, are reasonably priced, it would be good souvenirs.

Traditional Guesthouse TONARI “となり”

In the westside of GANGO-JI Temple(World Heritage). TONARI is located in Naramachi(old district) originally started from Nara Era(710~784). You can savor an atm...

Yamato Kobo Setta (Japanese sandal) Shop in Naramachi

Yamato Kobo Setta (Japanese sandal) Shop in Naramachi

Setta is a sandal-type, traditional Japanese footwear first became popular in Japan in the mid 16th century. Flat, thonged sandals similar to zori but with a leather sole.

Nepalese traditional window at West Hall of Gangoji

This Nepalese traditional window was used at Osaka Expo in 1970. It was donated to Gangoji temple as a token of friendship between the two countries.

Nara Speciality Sweet Shop “Baked Sweet Potato, Kasuga-an”

商品について - 奈良銘菓の饅頭「さつま焼」和菓子のお土産なら 御菓子司 春日庵
商品について 「さつま焼」は、サツマイモを形取った愛らしい焼き菓子です。 ほのぼのとした風味をお菓子に致しまし


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