Sakurai-City NARA

Sakurai-City (桜井市)

Yamanobe no michi (山の辺の道) 

The Yamanobe-no-michi Trail (山辺の道) is an ancient road in Nara Prefecture, it is the oldest road in Japan. It is a pleasant hiking trail now, connecting multiple shrines, temples and other sites of interest.

This blog shows the most popular section from Omiwa Shrine to Hibara Shrine in Sakurai City

Oomiwa Shrine(大神神社) to Hibara Shrine(桧原神社)

Omiwa Shrine|Wakamiyasya (若宮社)

Yamanobe no michi |Ootadaneko Shrine known as Wakamiyasya(若宮社) – Mike-ishi (御饌石) – Kotohirasha (琴平社)
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Yamanobe no Michi| Hibara Shrine

Yamanobe no michi| Sai Shrine ~ Hibara Shrine | TatumiGoroDaimyojin Shrine – Ryujin Shrine – Chiwara Lotus Road – Genpian Temple – Hibara Shrine
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Omiwa Shrine~Sai Shrine

The Entrance of Yamanobe-no-michi, Iwakura Shrine. – Omiwa-no-Yashiro Lookout Point (大美和の社展望台) – Kuehiko Shrine (久延彦神社) – Sai Shrine (狭井神社) : Ichikishimahime Shrine (市杵島姫命神社)
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Oomiwa Shrine

Ōmiwa Shrine (大神神社, Ōmiwa-jinja), alternately written as Miwa-myōjin (三輪明神)), is a Shinto shrine located in Sakurai, Nara Prefecture, Japan. One of the oldest shrine in…
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