Yakushi-ji Temple(薬師寺)

Yokushiji| Genjo Sanzoin

Contents Genjo Sanzoin (玄奘三蔵院)Yakushiji North Gate(北門) Yorakumon (與楽門)Genjo Sanzo Precinct Omon (大門)Kabukimon(冠木門), Honbo Jimusyo(Yakushiji Headquarters)本坊寺務所Genjo-Sanzo Precinct(玄奘三蔵院伽藍)Raimon (礼門) Genjyoto (玄奘塔) – Xuang Zang PagodaKintetu Kashihara Line – Nishinokyo…
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Yakushiji| Kondo – West & East Pagoda

West Pagoda & East Pagoda (Saito) – East Pagoda Tower (To-To) – Kondo – Main Hall Yakushi Triad – Daikodo – Large Lecture Hall
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Yakushiji | Toindo

Toindo (東院堂) Sho-Kanzeon Bosatsu image Syoro (Bell Tower) – Lotus Flower – Jikido (the dining hall) Fudo-do
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Yakushiji| South Gate – Minamimon

Yakushiji| South Gate – Minamimon – Chumon : History – Yakushiji was built in 680 at the wish of the Emperor Tenmu, the 40th Emperor,…
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Magotaro Inari Shrine 

Magotaro Inari Shrine,Haiden (Worship Hall), Nara zuke Pickle shop – Jyukichi-ya
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Nishihaten Shrine & Kannonji Temple

Nishihaten Shrine & Kannonji temple, very small local shrine and temple, 5mins walk from Yakushiji temple
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Toshodai-ji Temple(唐招提寺)

Places to visit: Other

京都     KYOTO Kyoto is famous as ancient capital of Japan for its historic temples and shrines as well as traditional Japanese crafts and performing arts. 富士山   Mt.Fuji…
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Naramachi Westside of Gango-ji ②

Further south area of west side of Gango-ji Yoshida Kacho – mosquito nets shop Yoshida Kacho is a long-established store of mosquito nets, a specialty…
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Futoden (Tombstones) & Foot Print

Gango-ji Temple ②

Gango-ji Temple Futo refers to Buddha, “den” refers to Rice field Buddhist images and stupa are lined up like a rice field in this place.
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Naramachi Goryo Jinja Torii Gate

Naramachi Goryo Shrine

Naramachi Goryo Shrine: God of national security, prosperity of family business Goryo Belief, The Guardian Dog with the strings to wish to stop
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Gango-ji Temple World Heritage Stone Monument

Gango-ji Temple

Gango-ji Temple, In the heart of Naramachi is Gangoji Temple, Japan’s oldest Buddhist temple, East Gate(Higashimon) Gokuraku-do (Mandara-do) Old auditorium cornerstone & Exhibition Hall
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Nara Speciality Sweet Shop "Baked Sweet Potato, Kasuga-an"

Naramachi Westside of Gango-ji temple

Naramachi, The Street at Westside of Gango-ji temple, Machiya-styled Houses, Shops are along the street, Guesthouse, Sword shop, Cloth, Japanese Sandal, etc.
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