The Approach to Kasuga Shrine

Second Torii Gate

The approach : From First Torii Gate to South Gate

From the first torii gate, If you head straight to east, you will enter the approach(Sando) to Kasuga Shrine. If you head back to west, you will get into sanjo street which lead to JR Nara Station.

Tobihino Field (飛火野), Giant Kusunoki Tree

From Tobihino field, you can view Mikasayama Mt. behind the Kasuga Shrine. And there is a big Kusunoki tree which looks like one gigantic tree in a distance, but actually they are 3 camphor trees which are said to be 100 years old.

Kasuga-Ninai-Chaya(春日荷茶屋) Lunch & Tea Shop

Kasuga-Ninai-Chaya : Special food in Nara. Manyo porridge, Kakinoha Sushi: kakinoha-zushi , which literally means “sushi with persimmon leaf”

萬葉植物園(Manyo Botanical Gardens)
Kasuga Shrine museum and parking lot

Entering the Sando(the approach) to Kasuga Shrine from Parking lot, you will get to the second Torii Gate and water basin to purify yourself.

The Second Torii Gate(二の鳥居)

World Heritage Stone monument
車舎(Kurumasya) : parking slot for Royal Families in old days.
手水舎(Temizusha: Water Basin) 祓戸神社(Haraedo Shrine) 

祓戸はらえど神社: Haraedo Shrine : Enshrine the god of purification.

You need to purify yourself with purified water at water basin and pray for purification at this little Haraedo shrine before entering to Kasuga shrine.

榎本神社(Enomoto Shrine)

This is a ceremonial precinct for imperial messenger when they arrive for the Kasuga Festival. In old times on the Emperor visit, it was used as an temporary residence. On the east side it was used as a doorway to Shrine though south side is the front.

Kasuga Shrine entering from South Gate.


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