Kita-ku| 北区

North Area: Golden Pavilion, Kitano Tenmangu Shrine, etc.
Japanese garden with a pond and things to see.
池泉回遊式庭園Chisen Kaiyushiki teien 鏡湖池kyokochi The garden of the Golden Pavilion is a type of Japanese garden which is called as “Chisen Kaiyushiki Teien, a stroke-style garden around a big pond. The big pond in front of the Golden…
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Golden Pavilion - Shariden
Golden Pavilion – Shariden
舎利-殿 =Shari-den: Shari means “remains of Buddha“, Shariden is the place where keep the remains of Buddha. The Golden Pavilion, Kinkaku(Shariden) is so outstanding and well-known that this temple called as Kinkaku-ji as like nickname, but the…
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金閣寺 アイキャッチ画像
When and Why the Golden Pavilion was built?
Contents When was Muromachi Era?  Why the 3rd of Ashikaga Shogun, Yoshimitsu built the Temple of The Golden Pavilion?室町むろまち 時代 Muromachi Era,  室町 幕府 Muromachi Bakufu(Shogunate).   The 3rd Ashikaga Shogun, Yoshimitsu.The Golden Pavilion was the symbol of Ashikaga…
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The origin of the name
The origin of the name Kinkakuji(金閣寺)
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