Kasuga Shrine |Oaimichi


漢字(Kanji)Chinese Charater御間道

Because it is a road between Kasuga Shrine and Wakamiya Shrine, it is called “Oai-Michi”.

“間(ai)” literally means “between”

Oai-style lantern (御間型灯籠 (おあいがたとうろう))

The lanterns lined up on the left and right sides of the Oai-michi path. These Oai style lanterns feature a cubic fire box made of cypress.

The dedication of the lanterns to Wakamiya Shrine.

To thank to the divine blessing of Wakamiya Shrine, the dedication of the lanterns from prayers began, and stone lanterns were devoted to the both sides of the Okamichi connecting the Wakamiya Shrine and the Kasuga Shrine one after another from the late of the Kamakura period. There are two-thirds of the lanterns are here, which dedicated to the shrines and temples throughout the country, which tells of their deep faith in the gods of Kasuga.
The lanterns are originally provided in front of the main shrine or main hall of Buddhist temple, but the dedication of the lanterns to the approach to the Wakamiya Shrine has become the custom of arranging the lanterns not only to in front of the main shrine, but also to the approach to the shrine and temple, spread throughout the country.
Eventually, the lantern dedication spreads throughout the Kasuga precincts, and the 3,000 lanterns dedicated to date are the best in quantity and quality in Japan, which is why many of the stone lanterns in Japan are called “Kasuga lanterns.”

Wakamiya 15sya meguri|2nd Miwa Shrine

2nd Miwa Shrine( 三輪みわ神社 )
Deity: Sukunahikona-no-mikoto
Prosperity of descendants. God who protect for children to grow up safely.

Hongu Shrine Yohaisyo Mt. Mikasa

Hongu Shrine Yohaisyo(本宮神社揺拝所) Mt. Mikasa( 御蓋山)
Auxiliary shrine(摂社)
* Yohaisyo(揺拝所): Place of worship to pray a god or Buddha far away from a distance.

Deities: Takemikaduchi no mikoto (武甕槌命(タケミカヅチノミコト))
     Futunushi no mikoto (経津主命(フツヌシノミコト))
     Amenokoyane no mikoto (天児屋根命(アメノコヤネノミコト))

Mt. Mikasa has been revered as a sacred mountain since ancient times, where the kami(god) settled down. In 768, the deity of the first shrine( Takemikatsuchi Mikoto) descended with riding on the back of a white deer, to the summit named as “Ukigumo-no-mine”. On the 1st day of every month, food and drink offered to God from here to worship the main shrine at summit of Mt. Mikasa

Kasuga Shrine South Gate Shidare Sakura


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