Mikane Shrine| 御金神社

Mikane Shrine – Money Fortune Shrine

Located at the north west of the NishinoToin and Oike intersection.

漢字(Kanji)Chinese Charater御金神社
ひらがなHiraganaみかね じんじゃ
ローマ字Roma-jiMikane Jinja
御祭神 (Gosaijin)金山毘古神 = 金山彦命(かなやまひこのみこと)
Deity: Kanayamahiko no mikoto
Amaterasu no oomikami
Tukiyomi no kami

It is a shrine decorated with golden torii gates.
As a shrine related to money, a large number of votive tablets have been dedicated to wishing for success in asset management and securities trading, winning horse races, and winning lottery tickets.

Originally, the building dies, architectural design, shipbuilding, and other dies related to architecture are dedicated. “Gold” in gold means metal.


There is a coin parking lot at Oshikoji and NishinoToin intersection.

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