Naramachi Goryo Shrine

Naramachi Goryo Jinja Torii Gate
Naramachi Goryo Jinja Torii Gate

Naramachi – Goryo Shrine

漢字(Kanji)Chinese Charater御霊 神社
ひらがなHiraganaごりょう じんじゃ
ローマ字Roma-jiGoryo Jinja

Gosaijin(Kami) – Deity

Main Hall
井上皇后 Empress Igami
他戸親王 Imperial Prince Osabe
事代主命 Kotoshironushi no mikoto
Main Hall East Side
早良親王 Imperial Prince Sawara
藤原広嗣 Fujiwara no Hirotugu
藤原大夫人 Fujiwara no Daifujin
Main Hall West Side
伊予親王 Imperial Prince Iyo
橘逸勢 Tachibana no hayanari
文屋宮田麿 Bunya no miyatamaro

The blessings of the Deity : God of national security, prosperity of family business, good fortune, peace, removing all disasters and disasters.

Goryo Shrine was founded under the request from Emperor Kanmu wishing for peace of nation.
Goryo Belief: In Heijo(Nara) and Heian(Kyoto) periods, the people were afraid that the grudges of those who had died innocently would become the vengeful ghosts and cause disaster. However, people came to think that if worship the vengeful ghosts politely, It would become a spirit and a god who would protect people.

The Guardian Dog with the strings to wish to stop, stay

Koma inu no ashi dome kigan: The Guardian Dog with the strings to wish to stop, stay
Literally means The Guardian Dog(koma inu) of foot(ashi) stop(dome) wish(kigan).
From Edo era, it is said that you tied a string to wish for someone not to go out from house, or taken from house, wish some evils to stop to come in. And now people wish for staying with a partner for long, or wish for customers to stay, so on.

Temizusya (Water Basin)

Haraedo Shrine & Shusse Inari Shrine

Haraedo Shrine : The deity who controls purification, the visitors pray here to purify the mind and body. First visit here and then to the main shrine.
Shusse Inari Shrine: God of success, business prosperity.

Haiden(Worship Hall) and Honden(Main Hall)

Wakamiya Shrine

Enshrine the Sugawara no Michizane: God of Achievement of schoolwork, healing of illness, improvement of various ways, wisdom, honesty, sincerity
The Onryo belief was originally began when Sugawara no Michizane was enshrined to calm down his anger, as he was accused of innocence and died to recover from confusion.


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