Tamukeyama Hachimangu Shrine

Tamukeyama Hachimangu |First Torii Gate and Sando

Ichi no Torii – First Torii Gate and Komainu (狛犬)

The approach to Tamukeyama shrine

Archaeological Excavation of Toto (Eastern Seven-Tiers Pagoda) Area on the right. Original Todaiji temple build in Nara Era, it was bigger than present one and they had seven Tiers pagoda at East and West like pic below.

Shinmon (Romon) 神門(楼門) Hoko (宝庫)

Haiden (拝殿) Worship hall

Tamukeyama Hachiman Shrine (手向山八幡宮, Tamukeyama Hachimangu) is a Shinto shrine near Tōdai-ji, Nara, Nara Prefecture, Japan. It is a Hachiman shrine, dedicated to the kami Hachiman. It was established in 749. Kami enshrined here include Emperor Ojin, Emperor Nintoku, Empress Jingū and Emperor Chūai in addition to Hachiman.


Goshinmon – The shrine crest: Mukai hato – Facing pigeon

Goshinmon(御神紋) – The shrine crest: Mukai hato(向かい鳩) – Facing pigeon making heart mark in the middle.

South Torii Gate.

Wakamiya Shrine(若宮神社) 菅原道真公腰掛石

Daikokuden (大黒殿)

North Torii Gate, Temizusha(Water Basin)

If you come out from North Gate, you will see Hokkedo in front.


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