Kofukuji| Sarusawa Pond

Sarusawa Pond ~ 52 Steps Stairs ~ Five Storied Pagoda

Sarusawa Pond(猿沢池)

Sarusawa Visitor’s information (猿沢観光案内所)

If you go up the 52steps Stairs, you will get to Sanjo street, to right(east) you will see soon the first Torii Gate of Kasuga Shrine. To left (west) is to many shopping streets, walk all the way about 20mins then you will get to JR Nara Station.

Shokuoufu-no-hi (植桜楓之碑) monument
興福寺 五重塔
Kofukuji Five Storied Pagoda

Nara machi parking lot (奈良町駐車場)


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