9. Fushimi Inari| Kiyotaki

Tenryu-Sando Kiyotaki (清瀧)

From Gozendani hohaisyo, to the left, there is the Tenryu sando approach to the Kiyotaki (清瀧), little water fall shrine. You need to go down steep stairs and have to come up to here. It takes about 15-20 mins round trip.

It actually takes about only 5 mins if you go straight to it. It is easy going down anyway, but going back uphill is pretty tough.

Kiyotaki-daijin, Torii Gate

Kiyotaki-daijin deity (清瀧大神) Takiba(Waterfall)滝場
With trees and waters, very sacred atmosphere you will enjoy.

Kiyotaki daijin waterfall video

It is worth coming down here to refresh your body and mind with sacred air and water. But you still need to go up all the way to Summit though.

Return to Gozendani hohaisyo

It feels like a sacred power spot, after refreshing, climb up to the Gozendani hohaisyo. Even in the middle of summer, there was a water around here and in the forest I could walk without feeling the heat so much, but the slopes were steep. I was walking around Kiyotaki for about 20 minutes.


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