Okunoin-michi|Kii Shrine

漢字(Kanji)Chinese Charater奥の院-道
漢字(Kanji)Chinese Character紀伊 神社
ひらがなHiraganaきい じんじゃ
ローマ字RomajiKii Jinjya


“Okunoin-michi” is the path leading to Kii-kii Shrine, which was once called “Okunoin”. Walk from Ryujin Shrine to Kii Shrine on the Okunoin Road and then returns to MeotoDaikoku Shrine.

Wakamiya 15sya meguri – 13th&9th Shrine

13th Hiraoka Jinjya Yohaisyo (枚岡ひらおか神社揺拝所ようはいじょ)

Deity: Amenokoyane-no-mikoto, Hime-gami
God of Longevity.
*It is just next to Kinryu Shrine.

9th Kasuga Myojin Yohaisyo(春日明神かすがみょうじん遥拝所)

Deity: Kasugasume-ookami 
God of inspiration

Yohaisyo(揺拝所): Place of worship to pray a god or Buddha far away from a distance.

Wakamiya 15sya meguri – 10th Munakata Shrine

10th Munakata Shrine ( 宗像むなかた神社 )

Deity: Ichikishimahime-no-mikoto
God of performing art.

There is a sacred feeling when walking on a classic stone path where thin moss grows.

Giant tree

A giant tree has fallen on the way. It is a giant tree with a circumference more than 3 m.

Wakamiya 15sya meguri – 12th Isejingu Yohaisyo

12th Isejingu Yohaisyo (伊勢神宮いせじんぐう遥拝所)

Deities: Amaterashimasusume-oomikami, Toyoukeno-oomikami
A place to appreciate the blessings of heaven and earth

Wakamiya 15sya meguri – 11th Kii Shrine

Kii Shrine, which was called “Okunoin“, is a shrine that worships trees.

11th Kii Shrine(紀伊神社)
Deities: Itakeru-no-mikoto

God who protects the vitality of all things and the root of life.
It is said to be the god who brought the seeds of trees to Kinokuni. It is worshiped as a god of trees and a guardian deity of forestry.

Ryuojyuseki (龍王珠石)

This is the place where Zennyoryuou(善女竜王), who is one of deity praying for rain offered the odama. It is said that Zennyoryou moved to Ryuketu Shrine in Uda City.

Heading back to Meotodaikoku Shrine.

Next the Fisrt Shrine Wakamiya Shrine next to Meotodaikoku Shrine.


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