Yamanobe no michi|Ooyamato Shrine

Ooyamato Shrine(大和神社)

漢字(Kanji)Chinese Charater大和神社
ひらがなHiraganaおおやまと じんじゃ
ローマ字Roma-jiOoyamato Jinja
御祭神 (Gosaijin) Kami:日本大國魂大神
God of nationYamato-ookuni-tama-no-Ookami
God of Warriors,Yachihoko no kami (八千戈神)
God of AgricultureMitoshi no ookami (御年大神)

Ooyamato Shrine is the one of the oldest shrine in Japan. At the order of the Imperial Court in the Nara era, a Kara Envoy studying in the Tang Dynasty visited this shrine on departure and prayed for traffic safety.
It was also enshrined in the ship as a guardian deity of “Battleship Yamato.”

First Torii Gate and Second Torii Gate

The Battleship Yamato (戦艦大和) 

Haiden (Worship Hall) 拝殿 Honden(Main Hall) 本殿

Takaookami Shrine (高龗神社)

Masumiko Shrine (増御子神社)

Mt. Kongo and Mt. Katuragi


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