8. Fushimi Inari| Gozendani

Yotuji (四辻)~Gozendani (御膳谷)

After I had a beautiful Kyoto city view from Kojinmine Lookout, I went back to Yotuji intesection, and head to Gozendani, the summit by clockwise route.

Osugisya (大杉社)

Osugisya (Big Cedar tree Shrine) : It enshrined the big cedar stump and Stone. It seems that carpenters and architects worship the Osugisya.

Ganrikisya (眼力社) Ganrikidaijin (眼力大神)

眼(Gan)=eye 力(Riki) = power 社(sya) Shrine
Enshrine the deity : Ganrikidaijin (眼力大神). who heal any eye problems, and also give power of seeing the future. Something to do with power with sight.

Gozendani (御膳谷)

Hohaisyo syamusyo(奉拝所社務所) Worship Office.

It leads you to Ozendani Shinseki Otsuka if you go up the stairs on the right.

Gozendani Hohaisyo Otsuka(御膳谷奉拝所 お塚)

This is a place where the valleys of the three peaks of Inariyama (Ichino-mine, Nino-mine, and Sanno-mine) gather, and in the old days, there were buildings called “Miaedono” and “Mikamadono” in this place, and it was offering to God. Currently, there is a worship hall, where morning and evening offerings are made.

Okumura Daijin (奥村 大神)

It is very rare, you see horse here

Rikimatsu Daijin (力松大神)
Gozendani Otsuka video (御膳谷御塚)

Next I head to Kiyo Taki.


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