Kasuga Shrine|Kinryu Shrine

Visiters are lining up for Hatutatu Festival to pray.

Kinryu Shrine

漢字(Kanji)Chinese Charater金龍神社

Wakamiya 15-Sya Meguri – 14th Kinryu Shrine

Deity: Kinryu okami
Protects good fortune. Guardian god of fortune.

Ohyakudo (お百度(おひゃくど))

It is a type of folk belief, which is a custom of visiting 100 times at a shrine to pray for a wish. It is said that wishes will be fulfilled by repeated visits and pray. If you want to do it, you can apply at Meotodaikoku shrine.

Hatutatu-sai(初辰 祭(はつたつ さい))

“Hatutatsu” leads to “development” . At Hatutatu festival visitors wish for fulfillment of various wishes. During the festival, a priest will take the lead and will play the words of purification, exorcism to serve.

Godaigo Emperor momument

Kinryu Shrine is said to have been associated with Emperor Godaigo. It is also called the “Imerial palace Shrine” because the mirror of the imperial palace was enshrined.

Wakamiya 15Sya Meguri 5th & 6th Shrine

From Meotodaikoku Shrine, come out to Okunoin-michi(east), head south to Kinryu Shrine, you will find the 5th Hirose Shrine and 6th Katuragi Shrine.

5th Hirose Shrine (広瀬ひろせ神社)

Deity: Ukanomitama-no-kami
God who protect the cloth, food and house.

6th Katuragi Shrine (葛城かつらぎ神社)

Deity: Hitokotonushi-no-Kami
God who answer any wish, it does not matter bad or good, as long as you wish with one word, one thing, from your heart.

Wakamiya 15Sya Meguri 7th & 8th Shrine

Further south before reach to Kinryu Shrine, you will find the 7th and 8th Shrine but now it is under reconstruction.

7th Sanjyuhassyo Shrine( 三十八所さんじゅうはっしょ神社)

Deities: Izanagi-no-mikoto
God who give the right courage and power

8th Sarake Shrine( 佐良気さらけ神社)

Deity: Hiruko-no-kami(ebisu-kami)
God of business prosperity, business success
It is under renovation, you need to pray at temporary shrine.



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