Konishi Sakura Shopping Street

Konishi Sakura dori (小西さくら通り)

Konishi Sakura Shopping Street (小西さくら通り商店街)street that runs north to south, connects the west exit of the Kintetsu Nara Station to Sanjo Dori in parallel with the Higashimuki Shopping Street.

Ochanoko (御茶乃子)

Recently it is getting very popular and fashion to have ice crusher in Naramachi. There are many shops which sell ice crusher in the shopping street. The Ochanoko is the one of the most popular shop, there is always queue especially in summer.

Konishi Sakura street and Sanjo street intersection

300Normally Lawson shops are like this very blue and outstanding. https://www.lawson.jp/en/

If you go east, you will pass through Sarusawa Pond and the south side of the precincts of Kofukuji Temple toward Kasuga Shrine’s first Torii Gate.
If you go west, you will find JR Nara Station.
If you go north, Kintetsu Nara Station
If you go south, you will pass through the far west street of Naramachi.

By the way, one of the popular convenience store called Lawson in front. Normally Lawson image color is blue as pic, but in Nara and Kyoto city, peculiar to the ancient city, you see this type of shops, they changed the design like old townhouses in order to maintain the scenery of the town.

Hayabusa Shrine and Enmei-jizoson

Kobaien – Sumi Ink Shop

Maramachi Information Map - Konishi Sakura Street
Maramachi Information Map – Konishi Sakura Street


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