Naramachi Karakuri Toy Museum & Chintakureifu Shrine

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Naramachi Karakuri (Mechanism) Toy Museum

Go south on Konishi Sakura street or Mochiidono center street, after passing the Naramachi Odori St, one block ahead.
This old Machiya-style house was built as a annex of the restaurants named MATURI around 1890. This house and land were donated by Mr. Matsuya who was the owner. Karakuri Toy Museum was founded with keeping the atmosphere of the classic Machiya style house.
It is free admission, and Kids and Adults can enjoy and rest. The house has the tea ceremony room too, you can take photos.
* Machiya means = Merchant House

Tori Niwa (literally passage garden), Doma(earth floor)

Machiya-style House normally has the Tori-niwa(literally passage garden), which is an earthen floor connecting the entrance and the back yard. Japanese take off the shoes in house but old Machiya-style house, people could enter the house with shoes in the Tori-niwa(passage garden)

Karakuri (Mechanical) toys

In Japan, during the Edo period (1603-1868), a lot of toys were designed and they grew popular among common people. Most of them were made from a combination of wood, bamboo, handmade Japanese Paper and other natural materials. Mechanical device made to tease, trick people, which called “Karakuri” in Japanese.
There were about 600 toys at Museum, they changed the displays every 2 months so you can enjoy different toys. They were donated by a former professor at Nara University who has restored Karakuri toys of the Edo period

Tea room (Cha-shitu) 茶室

The original owner of the house enjoyed the Tea ceremony, thus tea room was build in the house and also Tea ceremony tools are engraved on the transom.

Yin and Yang Town & Chintakureifu Shrine

Yin and Yang Town(In_yo_cho 陰陽町)

In_Yo_Cho(陰陽町) district where many Yin-Yang fortune-tellers(陰陽師 Onmyoji) used to live in the past. They are the Government officials who making the calendar, organizing the date and time and rituals and festivals.

Chintakureifu Shrine (鎮宅霊符神社)

漢字(Kanji)Chinese Charater鎮宅霊符神社
御祭神 (Gosaijin)天 御中 主 神
Deity: Ameno Minaka Nushino-kami

The deity is the first solitary deity in Japanese mythology. Chintakureifu Shrine is the guardian shrine for the Yin-Yang fortune-tellers(Onmyoji).


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