Naramachi Westside of Gango-ji ②

Further south area of west side of Gango-ji

奈良まちづくりセンターは、1979年11月に設立された市民による 自主 ・自立のまちづくりを進めていくための市民活動団体です。  歴史的町並みや市街地の保存・再生活動をつうじて、「日本のこころのふるさと」 にふさわしい奈良づくりをめざしています。

Yoshida Kacho – mosquito nets shop


Yoshida Kacho is a long-established store of mosquito nets, a specialty of Nara. The shop is lined with not only the traditional mosquito nets, but also with well-designed and functional products made with the mosquito net fabric such as noren

Akahadayaki Pottery Shop : NAYA Factory (赤膚焼 寧屋工房)


The history of potteries in Nara dates back to the production of roof tiles, religious treasures, and ritual tools of temples and shrine on constructing the ancient ca- pital of Heijo-kyo. It developed continuously to be called ” Ni-shi no kyo Doki-za ” (a group of potters in Nishi no kyo area) in 14th-15th century, when the pot-ters are believed to have resided in Nishi no kyo or around Mt. Gojo and Mt. Akahada.

Shika no fune


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