Isonokami Jingu|Yamanobe-no-michi


Isonokami Shrine

漢字(Kanji)Chinese Charater石上神宮
ひらがなHiraganaいそのかみ じんぐう
ローマ字Roma-jiIsonokami Jingu
御祭神 (Gosaijin)布都御魂大神
Deity: Futunomitama no Ookami
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Isonokami Shrine is the one of the oldest shrine located in Tenri city, Nara perf. The Deity is the deification of the sword owned by the god Takemikazuchi-no-kami. It is said that the sword saved the life of First Emperor Jinmu.
Futsu-no-mitama-no-ookami” has been known from ancient times as the god who protects the state and keeps peace among the people

The entrance of Isonokami Shrine, The first Torii Gate.
Sacred Ceder Tree (神杉) Mirror Pond(鏡池)
Sacred Birds (ご神鶏)
Romon(楼門) Haiden(拝殿) Honden(本殿) 
Votive Table of Sacred Birds. The sacred sword Charm (御神剣守)
Auxiliary Shrine Worship Hall
Yamanobe no michi(山の辺の道)

Yamanobe no michi is the oldest route in Japanese history and, is located at the foot of the mountains along the eastern edge of the Yamato plains. This is a very historical road, rich in ancient tombs, temples and historic sites.

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