Imamikado Shopping street (今御門商店街)

Imamikado Shopping Street (今御門商店街)

Kakinoha-Sushi Hiraso (柿の葉寿司 平宗)

Nara is far from being a port city: deep in inland Kansai, seafood took a while to be transported there during the Edo era (1603-1868). This was reflected in the taste and quality of the fish – preserved in rice, salt and sometimes even vinegar, the fish arrived too salty and inedible. This is where the persimmon leaf comes in: it’s used to wrap the sushi and maintain the taste. And in addition to its role of conservation, it also has anti-bacterial properties! Perfection in a leaf! It’s not edible however, and is only intended to pack and protect the sushi. However, it infuses it with its slightly sweet aroma.

Sarutahiko Shrine, Dosojin (猿田彦神社・道祖神)

Sumiyoshi Shrine (住吉神社)

Hachioji, Yonomuro Shrine (八王子・四之室神社)



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