2. Fushimi Inari Shrine| Gehaiden~Honden

内拝殿 正面


Gehaiden: The Stage hall to offer the dances to the God.

Basically, in a shrine, the main hall (Honden) is the building for the gods, and the worship hall(Haiden) is the building for the worshipers. Fushimi Inari Shrine has two worship halls(Haiden), the inner worship hall(Nai-haiden) and the outer worship hall(Gehaiden). There is the Gehaiden(outer worship hall) in front of you when you pass through the tower gate (Romon). It is a stage for worshiping of the buttou and Kagura at the outside hall.
The inner worship hall(Naihaiden) is a building with a chinese style roof in front of the main hall, which rises the stairs behind the outer worship hall. It is a place where worshipers ring the bells and put their hands together to pray.

Mazumamaro Shrine (東丸神社) : God of Academic 

Through the Romon Gate and to the right, there is Azumamaro Shrine.
It enshrine a Japanese classical scholar of the mid-Edo period, Kadano Azumamaro, who was born in the house of Fushimi Inari Shrine.

Matsu no Shitaya Tea Room

There is a Tea room which are not open to public now, but it opens to public few times in spring seasons.

Naihaiden and Honden

Naihaiden(内拝殿ないはいでん)  Gorgeous worship hall with a Chinese style roof.  Honden (main hall for dieties) stands behind the inner worship hall (Naihaiden), and worshipers pray from the front of Naihaiden. There are about ten bells hanging at Naihaiden, so worshipers usually ring the bells, and the sounds of bells and claps are constantly echoing, but now because of the COV19, the bells are not allowed to use.
There is also a bronze statue of a fox, but the fox on the right, which is unusual, doesn’t have any in its mouth. The fox on the left holds rice ears tightly.

伏見稲荷大社 内拝殿
Naihaiden : the inner worship hall. 

Enshrined Deities:

  1. Ukanomitama no Okami
  2. Satahiko no Okami
  3. Omiyanome no Okami
  4. Tanaka no Okami
  5. Shino Okami
Official Fushimi Inari Shrine site about Enshrined Deities.

** You are not allowed to take any photo at Naihaiden, facing to the gods in Honden.


To the right(south) from Naihaiden, you will find the Kaguraden where play traditional music and dance to offer to the gods in Shinto events.

Jyuyosyo(授与所), Mini Torii Gate for wish, Variety of amulets

There is a place called Jyuyosyo(授与所) where you can buy variety of amulets, votive tablets, Mini Torii Gate to wish, fortune telling paper, etc.

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