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Special Admission to the inner Side of the Cloister ①

Admission Fee 500 Yen
Come into the main Santuary from Nanmon(South Gate), you will find the admission office on the right. The admission fee into the inner side of Cloister is 500 yen, and it is really worth visiting inside, you will be able to take good photos of sacred giant cedar trees, beautiful donated lanterns.

This time as part 1, shows the upto Mikasayama-Ukigumo-no-mine Yoshaijyo.

Chumon(Middle Gate) and Oro(Open Veranda)

When you come into the inner side of cloister, at first you will see beautiful middle gate(chumon) in front. On the right side, you will find some auxiliary shrines. on the left, white sand stone garden(Ringo-no-niwa) and giant cedar tree.

Chumon(中門) is an approximately 10m tall, two-storied gate standing in front of the Main Sanctuary. The “karahafu” (undulating gable) on its front was added later on during the Meiji Period.

Oro(御廊) extends for about 13m with the Middle Gate at its center, in a form that resembles a bird spreading its wings.

1.Iguri Shrine(井栗神社) 2.Anaguri Shrine(穴栗神社)

1.Iguri Shrine:God of Easy delivery
2.Anaguri Shrine:God of Fortune

3. Karasakaki Shrine(辛榊神社) 4. Aosakaki Shrine(青榊神社)

3. Karasakaki Shrine:God of negotiation.
4. Aosakaki Shrine: God who resolve the conflict.

Nanmon(南門) Heiden(幣殿)Buden(舞殿) 
Ringo-no-niwa(林檎の庭):Apple Garden

Ringo-no-ki (Apple tree) & Ringo-no-niwa (Apple Garden)
Ceremonial dances and music are performed in this garden. The name of the garden comes from an apple tree standing at the southeast corner of the garden. It is said that the tree was received as a gift from Emperor Takakura about 800 years ago.

Osugi(Giant Cedar Tree)

Giant cedar tree) : 800-1000 year old tree. 8.7m in girth and 25m in height

5. Tachikarao Shrine (手刀雄神社) 6. Hiraiten Shrine (飛来天神社)

5. Tachikarao Shrine: God of courage and power.
6. Hiraiten Shrine:God of Safety Air travel.

The donated lantern by Kei Shoin(桂昌院)

The fifth of Tokugawa Shogun Tsunayoshi’s mother, Kei Shoin donated in 1697. Tokugawa family crest, Aoi (hollyhock) crest.

Stone lantern donated by Shima Sakon

Shima Sakon’s Stone lantern: Shima Sakon(嶋左近) is one the powerful samurai, military commander in civil war period(16th century)

Mikasayama Ukigumo-no-mine Yohaijyo 

Mikasayama Ukigumo-no-mine Yohaijyo
* Yohaisyo(揺拝所): Place of worship to pray a god or Buddha far away from a distance.

Mt. Mikasa has been revered as a sacred mountain since ancient times, where the kami(god) settled down. In 768, the deity of the first shrine( Takemikatsuchi Mikoto) descended with riding on the back of a white deer, to the summit named as “Ukigumo-no-mine”.

Yogomon Gate (影向門)

Through the Yogomon Gate back to middle gate(chumon)


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