Mizuya Shrine

From Prayer Hall(御祈祷所) to Mizuya Shrine

From Gokitosyo(prayers hall) to Mizuya Shrine, there are 9 auxiliary shrines, prayers can pilgrimage, which is called “Mizuya kyusya meguri” (Mizuya 9 Shrine pilgrimage). If you want to do it officially, you need to apply here at the prayer hall, cost you 1500 yen.

First Shrine |Sougu Shrine

Sougu Shrine( 総宮そうぐう神社)
Deities: Ise, Kasuga no kami, Yawatano okami, etc many deities.
God of house, give the place to live and protect the residents. Many people who are related to construction, building, housing industy come this shrine to pray. If you are moving the house, it is good to come to pray at this shrine.

Second Shrine | Hitokotonushi Shrine

Hitokotonushi Shrine( 一言主ひとことぬし神社)
Deity:Hitokoto nushi no okami
 ”God of Single word, Single Thing”. There is a believe that the deity of this shrine “Hitokoto nushi no kami” grants requests only to the prayers with only one word, one thing.
There are many votive tablets hanging here, people write one single thing wish.

神仙境(Shinsenkyo Souvenir Shop)

Third Shrine | Ryuo-sha shrine

Ryuo-Sha Shrine( 龍王社りゅうおうしゃ ) 
Deity : Ryu-o okami
God of water, good luck and richness.

Fourth Shrine | Mizuya Shrine

Mizuya Shrine (水谷みずや神社)
Deities: Susanoo no mikoto
Oonamuchi no mikoto
Kushidahime no mikoto
God of protection for removing the bad luck, calamities from any directions. Protection from any diseases, difficulties. God of pregnancy.

Mizutani Chaya(水谷茶屋)

Public Toilet: doors are needed to close for deers not to come in.

To get to 5th – 8th shrines, you need to cross road, please be careful with the cars and coaches as it is close to parking lot.

Fifth Shrine |Ukigumo Shrine

Ukigumo Shrine ( 浮雲うきぐも神社) * Uki-gumo = Floating cloud
Deity: Amenokoyane no mikoto
He has ability to see the future and bring the good fortune. If you pray here at Ukigumo Shrine, you will get same miraculous efficacy as you visited the summit of Mt. Mikasa where all the deities descended and original shrine was built.

Sixth Shrine | Seimei Shrine  

Seimei Shrine ( 聖明せいめい神社 )
Deity: Seimei no Kami:
He gives vital energy to people and protect the daily life of people with a lot of love.

Seventh Shrine| Atago Shrine

Atago Shrine ( 愛宕あたご神社 ):
Deity: Homusubi no Kami
He protects from fire, often treated as the guardian deity for kitchen. He is also worshiped as a god who leads to victory in every battle.

Eighth Shrine | Ten Shrine

Ten Shrine ( てん神社 )
Deity: Ameno Tokotachino mikoto
He controls one’s life span, eliminates disasters, and improves fortune. He is also worshiped as the god for passing the entrance examination.

Nine Shrine | Funado Shrine

Funado Shrine ( 船戸ふなど神社 )
Deity: Tukitatu funado no Kami
He is the God of Safety driving. And also God who prevents invasion of evil spirits.


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