Kasuga Shrine Parking lot, Nara Park

Parking lot

5th August 2020, because of hot summer and COVID-19, There were not much tourists coming to Nara as you can see from pics. It used be full of tourist coaches in the parking lot. Today only one coach was parking.

Nara Park

No one is playing and walking at park. It is too hot to walk under the sun.

Deers eating grass.

Deers are resting at shadow or eating grass. There are no tourists who gives deer cracker to them, thus they keep eating natural grass. That’s is why the grass in the park is very well maintained by deers.

Deer Video

Wakakusa Mt.

Daibutuden-mae traffic intersection

Two ladies come to buy the deer crackers, then soon they scream and run away from deers! Deers were so hungry now.

TAXI get off point at Daibutuden mae intersection.


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