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NakanoNegimichi Kasuga Shrine
NakanoNegimichi to Kasuga Shrine


漢字(Kanji)Chinese Charater中 の 禰宜 道
ひらがなHiraganaなか の ねぎ みち
ローマ字Roma-jiNaka no negi michi

Naka no negi michi : In old days, people who works at shrines used to live in town called “Shake Machi” (社家町) and they, Shrine workers(Negi) used to walk this Negi-michi path to get to work.
Nakano negimichi will lead to the second Torii Gate of Kasuga Shrine, Water Basin, Haraedo Shrine.

Nakanonegimichi entrance

There is no sign at the entrance of Negimichi, so it is difficult to find it, but there is a shop next to it. and deers often gather beside the entrance.

A group of gigantic trees of Ichiigashi

Ichiigashi gigantic trees
In the 8th century when Kasuga Shrine was first enshrined, it is said that dominant specie of the forests from foot of Mt. Mikasayama to Tobihino was Ichiigashi. Nowadays, you can see very precious, scientifically and environmentally , gigantic trees of Ichiigashi which trunk circumferences are over 3 meters.

The second Torii Gate, Haraedo Shrine, Water Basin

  • Haraedo Shrine
  • Water Basin(Temizusya)
  • Second Torii Gate

You will come out to the second Torii Gate area, if you are going to Kasuga Shrine then, bow once before crossing the Torii Gate and purify yourself at Water Basin and Haraedo Shrine.

Haraedo Shrine:  
Deity:Seoritsuhime no kami
God of Harae.  *Harae=a Shinto rite to exorcize evil spirits.

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