Magotaro Inari Shrine 

Magotaro Inari Shrine (孫太郎稲荷神社)

Torii 鳥居 Hengaku (Name Plate) 扁額
Shinshi (Messanger of God) 神使 Fox 狐像 
Haiden (Worship Hall) 拝殿 Cedar Tree 杉

Nara-zuke, Pickle shop – Jyukichi-ya

Close to South Gate of Yakushiji, there is a famous Nara-zuke Pickle shop. Nara-zuke pickle have smell, thus some don’t like it, some loves it. I bought the popular one called “Yakushi miso pickle” 110g 600yen.

Jyukichi-ya: popular item : Yakushi Miso pickles

If you visiting the Inari shrine or Jyukichi-ya from Yakushiji, it is very easy as you come out from South gate, you will find it. But if you coming from Nishinokyo station directly, then it would be good take the route as below. And if you visiting Yasugaoka Hachimangu Shrine , take the path ahead with the Stone monument.

Yasugaoka Hachimangu Sakura tree path with Stone monument.
Yakushiji South gate (薬師寺 南門)

Through Magotaro Inari Shrine, you will see the South Gate of Yakushiji in front. Cross the bridge and you will see the Jyukichi-ya pickle shop on the left.


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