6. Fushimi Inari| Kumatakasha ~ Yotsuji


Mitsuji (三ツ辻)

From Kumatakasha, it will be steep uphill stairs, about 10 mins walk to Mitsuji intersection.

From here Mituji, if you go left, you can go back to Honden, Station through Araki Shrine. If you are going to further oyama meguri, go right another 10 mins walk to Yotuji intersection. From here to Yotuji, you may see some people looks so tired, you need to go steep uphill way to Yotsuji.

Mituji (三辻) ~ Santokusya (三徳社)

View of Kyoto city from lookout point before Yotuji intersection

Yotuji intersection (四ツ辻)

Yotuji (四ツ辻) 4 directions at intersection, Tanakasya Shinseki (Kojin-mine) is to left, Gozendani Hohaisyo, the summit clockwise route is to straight, Sanno-mine, the summit counter clockwise route is to right. And if you are going back to Honden, return the way you come.


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