Meotodaikokusya|Wakamiya 15sya meguri

Meotodaikoku Shrine

漢字(Kanji)Chinese Charater夫婦 大国 社
ひらがなHiraganaめおと だいこく しゃ
ローマ字Roma-jiMeoto daikoku sya

Very popular shrine for women, praying for matchmaking, marriage, good marriage life.

Kasuga Shrine with a history of 1300 years has a total of 61 shrines, including the main shrine of the national treasure that enshrines the four pillars of the god, as well as the auxiliary shrines. “Meoto-daikoku-sha” is one of them, and this shrine is the only matchmaking spot in Japan that enshrines a married couple deities “Okuninonushino Mikoto and “Suserihimeno Mikoto”.

I walked through Kamino negimichi from Takahata-cho, and first visited the Meotodaikoku shrine. Next to it in the south, there is a magnificent Wakamiya Shrine.

Place to apply Wakamiya 15sya meguri and finish.

Meoto Daikokusha is the place to apply for “Wakamiya 15 sya Meguri” which pilgrimages 15 surrounding shrines in order, and also here is the last 15th shrine to visit at the end of tour. It also plays a role as a shrine office of neighboring shrines, such as applying for “Ohyakudo-mairi at 14th “Kinryu Shrine”” at Meoto Daikokusha.

If you join a Wakamiya 15-sha Meguri tour, it is believed that you will be protected from difficult situations in life, bringing fortune and happiness.

The area around Wakamiya Shrine has long been said to be a place where visitors come here to pray to various gods with various feelings.
In this area, the gods who protect various difficulties that people encounter during their lives are settled down here around Wakamiya shrine.

Water Basin(Temizusya) Water Fortune telling (Mizu Uranai)

Meotodaikoku Shrine: Meoto=wife and husband, enshrine Okuninushi-no-mikoto(husband) and SuseriHime-no-mikoto(wife). It is the only place in Japan both of them are enshrined together as married couple. Basically visiters used to pray for the happiness of family or happy marriage or matchmaking. But now it is more famous and popular, especially popular with women as a sacred place for matchmaking, finding the right partner and love fulfillment.
One of the most popular is the “Mizu Uranai”, where you can see the fortune-telling results when immersed in water.

Pink Heart-shaped votive tablet and offering rice scoop 

There is a rice scoop that can be offered in the shrine because the deity, “SuseriHime-no-mikoto” has a rice scoop in its hand and a laundry vat on its head. Thus visitors buy rice scoop offering to pray for improving their kitchen work, to become good wife.
Pink heart-shaped votive tablet are very famous and popular for women.

Next head to Wakamiya 15sya meguri, 14th shrine, Kinryu-Shrine (south).


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