Yakushiji| South Gate – Minamimon

Outside of South Gate

Stone Monument(Name&World Heritage) Jyukichiya


Yakushiji Temple was built in 680 at the wish of the Emperor Tenmu, the 40th Emperor, at the Fujiwara Capital in Asuka, and transferred to its current site (Nishinokyo, formerly the Ukyo area) in 718, when the capital was relocated to the city of Heijo-kyo.

On the statues of Yakushi-nyorai (the Buddha of Healing, the principal image of Kon-do), Nikko Bosatsu and Gakko Bosatsu, and Sho kanzeon Bosatsu (the principal image of Toindo), the beauty of the full face is expressed with the elegant metal casting techniques of the Hakuho era.
All of these are respected as incomparable Buddhist images, and designated a national treasure as well.

To-To, the East Pagoda, is the infrequent building from the time of the temple’s founding, and its Suien (a flame-shaped adornment) at the top is extremely graceful. The oldest Bussokuseki (Buddha’s footprint stone) in Japan which was brought from India, the monument of Bussokusekika, is engraved with twenty-one poems using Manyo-gana(early Japanese syllabary composed of Chinese characters used phonetically), and Kichijo Tennyo Gazo(a Portrait of Laksmisri) are the graceful symbol of Tenpyo-era.

Inside South Gate

Admission fee is 800 Yen (Kondo, Daikodo, Toindo), paid at the South Gate, into the precincts. At first you find the bronze Water Basin to cleans your hands.

Water Basin, Hirki Daimyojin Shrine, Benzaiten Shrine, Wakamiya Shrine
Chumon – Middle Gate
Nitennozo (ニ天王像)


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