Hiking: Takabatake-cho – Kasuga Shrine – Mizuya Chaya – Mt. Wakakusa

Hiking Kasugayama Primeval Forest : Easy course, about 60mins walk
Date: 01/05/2023 Fine day
Route: Takabatake-cho ~ Naka-no-Negimichi ~ Kasuga Shrine ~ Mizuya Chaya ~ Kasugayama Mountain Trail – The top of Mt. Wakakusa

Kasugayama Primeval Forest Hiking 春日山原始林(Kasugayama Genshirin) ハイキング

Route ルート:
Takabatake-cho 高畑町 ~ Naka-no-Negimichi 中の禰宜道 ~ Kasuga Shrine 春日大社 ~ Mizuya Chaya 水谷茶屋 ~ Kasugayama Mountain Trail 春日山遊歩道 – The top of Mt. Wakakusa 若草山山頂

中の禰宜道 Naka no Negimichi: 高畑町(Takabatake-cho) ~ 春日大社(Kasuga Taisha Shrine)
春日大社(Kasuga Taisha Shrine)
Mizuya Shrine 水谷神社
Mizuya Chaya 水谷茶屋 

Japanese tea and sweets and Lunch restaurant (Udon Noddle)
Business Hour 11:00 – 16:00 Wed (closed)

Other shops around Mizuya Chaya

春日野窯 Haruhino-gama : Pottery experience & Cafe Lunch Shop

春日野窯 -奈良市春日野町・奈良公園- 陶芸体験・カフェ
キッシュ専門店 レ・カーセ / お店のこと
春日山遊歩道 Entrance of Kasuga mountain trail ~ 月日亭 Tukihitei
A ryokan in Mt. Kasuga Primeval Forest in Nara | Tsukihitei
Tsukihitei is a Japanese-style ryokan known for our cuisine and we are listed in the Michelin Guide for 2012 and 2013. Spend a relaxing time surrounded by the M...
月日亭休憩所 Tukihitei Rest place ~ 若草山山頂 Top of Mt. Wakakusa
Mt. Wakakusa Driveway : Shinwakakusa mountain course
Top of Mt. Wakakusa: Lookout Nara city and surrounding mountains

Uguisuduka Kohun 鶯塚古墳 【うぐいすづかこふん】

鶯塚古墳 | Nara Travelers Guide

You can go back through Mt. Wakakusa: Entrance fee 150 yen

Mount Wakakusa | Nara Travelers Guide


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