Kasuga Shrine|Main Sanctuary ②

Special Admission to the inner Side of the Cloister ②

Chumon&Oro (Middle Gate) : donated hanging lantern – Osugi(Giant Cedar Tree) – Iwamoto Shrine – Taga Shrine.

Oro(Open Veranda) Donated hanging lanterns

Naoe Kanetugu(直江兼続) donated hanging lantern.

Samurai lord, Naoe Kanetugu donated in 1600 this hanging lantern.

Ukita Hideie(宇喜多秀家) donated.

Samurai lord at Hyogo pref. area, “Ukita Hideie” donated this hanging lantern in 1598.

Todo Takatora(藤堂高虎) donated

Samurai lord, Todo Takatora(Shiga pref.) who was very famous for designing the castles, donated it in 1610. Todo family take Kasuga Shrine as their family shrine, more than 50 lanterns were donated by them.

Tokugawa Tunayoshi(徳川綱吉) donated.

The 5th Tokugawa Shogun Tunayoshi donated in 1667. When he was 15 years old, he was assigned to be the lord of Tatebayashi-han(Gunma pref.) in 1661. This lantern was donated while he was still the lord of Gunma pref.

Chumon(中門) Oro(御廊)

Chumon is an approximately 10m tall, two-storied gate standing in front of the Main Sanctuary. The “karahafu” (undulating gable) on its front was added later on during the Meiji Period.
“Oro” extends for about 13m with the Middle Gate at its center, in a form that resembles a bird spreading its wings.

Osugi(Giant cedar tree) and Ibuki Tree

This giant cedar tree is said to be about 800-1000 year old. It is 8.7m in girth and 25m in height. Another tree grows from the root of the big tree is called as Ibuki tree. A hole has been built into the roof of Naoraiden Hall so as not to hinder the growth of the tree, following the divine decree of Kasuga Taisha to cherish plants.

7. Iwamoto Shrine(岩本神社) Nejiro(捻廊)

Iwamoto Shrine:God of passing examination, Traditional Japanese poem.

Nejiro: the steps connecting Naishiden Hall and Oro (Open Veranda). The steps are built obliquely, and most of the components are parallelogram.

8. Kazenomiya Shrine(風宮神社) 9. Tubakimoto(椿本神社)

8. Kazenomiya Shrine:
God who controls the life and purifies sin and injuries.
9. Tubakimoto Shrine:
God who exorcise the demons

10. Taga Shrine(多賀神社)

10. Taga Shrine:
God of longevity and he leads the completion of ones tasks.


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