Kasuga Shrine| Negimichi

Negi-Michi (禰宜道)

This time I walked around Kasuga Shrine “Negi-Michi“.
Negi-Michi (禰宜道ねぎみち) : In old days, people who works at shrines(Negi) used to live in town called “Shake Machi” (社家町) and used to walk this Negi-Michi path to get to work. There are 3 Negi-Michi path, Kamino negimichi, Nakano negimichi and Shimono negimichi.

Parking lot close to negimichi.

This parking lot named as Kasuga Taisha moyori Parking lot. This parking lot does not have any pay machine, but just pay box you can put coins in. And it only cost 500 yen for a day.

You need to make very shape left turn into the parking lot road and road is quite narrow you need to slow down. And often the deers are around the parking lot.

ShinYakushiji temple is very close from here, if you are interested in Japanese Buddhist statues, it is very nice to visit the temple.

Around this season, deers are raising the fawn, you need to be careful not to too close the the mother deer.

Entrance of each Negimichi

From parking lot, walk up to east, soon you can enter Nakano Negimichi, further up to east, you will see the entrance to Kamino Negimichi and Okunoin Michi.

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