Oomiwa Shrine

漢字(Kanji)Chinese Charater大神神社
公式サイト: http://oomiwa.or.jp/english/
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Ōmiwa Shrine (大神神社, Ōmiwa-jinja), alternately written as Miwa-myōjin (三輪明神)), is a Shinto shrine located in Sakurai, Nara Prefecture, Japan. The shrine is noted because it contains no sacred images or objects because it is believed to serve Mount Miwa, the mountain on which it stands. For the same reason, it has a worship hall (拝殿, haiden), but no place for the deity to be housed (神殿, shinden). In this sense, it is a model of what the first Shinto shrines were like. Ōmiwa Shrine is one of the oldest extant Shinto shrines in Japan and the site has been sacred ground for some of the earliest religious practices in Japan. Because of this, it has sometimes been named as Japan’s first shrine. Ōmiwa Shrine is a tutelary shrine of the Japanese sake brewers.


The big torii~Yamanobe no michi

Oomiwa Shrine – the big torii gate and Miwa Mt.

Second Torii Gate(二の鳥居) Map of Oomiwa Shrine

Sando, Meoto-iwa, Temizusha

参道さんどう Sando:The approach to the Miwa Shrine.
夫婦岩めおといわ Meoto Iwa: Meoto = Married Couple, Iwa = Rock. : Meoto Iwa is the rocks like a married couple.
手水舎てみずしゃ Temizusha: Water Basin

拝殿(Haiden) 巳の神杉(Mi no Kamisugi)

拝殿はいでん Haiden: Front shrine hall of worship  

神杉かみすぎ Mi no Kamisugi: The Sacred Cedar Tree where sacred white snake lives.


Yamanobe no michi to Sai Shrine, Hibara Shrine

From 拝殿(Front shrine hall), head to left(north) toward to 祈祷殿きとうでん参集殿さんしゅうでん(Kitoden and Sansyuden), then you enter the yamanobe no michi(Yamanobe trail) heading to north, Sai Shrine and Hibara Shrine.



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