Kyoto Sweets: Ajari-mochi |Mangetsu

Kyoto Specialty: Kyoto Sweets: Ajyari-mochi, Mangetsu

Popular Sweet Item: Ajyari-mochi 阿闍梨餅あじゃりもち
Kyoto Specialty Sweet Shop : Mangetsu (京菓子つかさ 満月まんげつ) 

The mochi that depicts the conical wicker hat worn by high priests “Ajyari” during training at Mt. Hiei. Glutinous skin mochi stuffed with light azuki bean paste. I bought the 10 pieces pack for 1200 yen.

Ajyari , high monk training at Mt. Hiei
Ajyari mochi
Not too sweet and smooth mochi skin, very nice.

It is located close to Hyakumanben(百万遍) intersection, Kyoto University.

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