13. Fushimi Shrine| Araki Shrine

Yotuji~Mituji~Araki Shrine~Honden


Going down from Yotuji to Mituji, taking route via Araki Shrine back to Honden.

Mituji to Araki Shrine

From Mituji to Araki Shrine, you will pass through a street lined with various shrines such as Koshigami Fudosha and Toyokawa Shrine. For some reason, there are many black and white cats. Cats looks so tired because of the hot weather in summer. It seems that cats have become the messager of god instead of foxes in these area.

Araki Shrine (荒木神社)

祭神:荒玉大神、白砂大神、荒木大神 明治初期に創建。

Various Shrines and dieties along street.

Back to Honden and Romon


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